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During ancient times, there were but a few traditional medicinal systems. One such traditional systems that has withstood the ravages of time is the tamil Medicinal Systems. It’s rather difficult to estimate the year or even the era of the brith of the tamil medicinal system.

By the use of Tamil medicine system we can able to recover many Neuro problems. We know that the neurological problems can analyze through hybrid testing, physiological studies, cerebro-spinal fluid analysis, and a blood test. Our Several Treatments without surgeries are Sclerosis treatment, Stroke treatment, Neuro AIDS treatment, Headache treatments, Vestibular treatment, neuromuscular treatment, Cognitive treatment.

At present, modern human beings are enjoying the life in advanced facilitated world. Electronic gadgets and its applications play an important role in get accomplishing tasks within a second. The 21st century people are practiced to exist in the artificial world with the support of many inventions.

This leads people to spend more time with electronic gadgets in comparative to spending time with dear and dear ones. Lot of factors pressures existing people to suffer from life style diseases. Getting side-effect is one of the problems in receiving allopathic way of treatment. Another disadvantage of this mode of treatment is it provides only instant relief. A survey says that almost half billion of people are suffering from neurological disorders. We are able to find an effective as well permanent solution to types of neurological disorders. For neurological treatment in chennai, call us.

Kumari Naatu Traditional Tamil Medicine replaces the modern allopathically way of treating human diseases. Contact the centre to receive neurological treatment in Chennai with care. Side-effect is impossible in receiving the Kumari Naatu Traditional Tamil Medicinal services. True to say that, this traditional Tamil medicine has the power to cure dangerous diseases which are cannot be cured with the allopathic medicine. One has to know that allopathic medicine provides instant relief with side-effects. Traditional Tamil medicine offers slower relief without side-effects.

Genetic Neuro Disease

  • Anencephaly
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Chiari Malformation
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Microcephaly
  • Spina Bifida

12 Don’ts of Neuro Problems

  • Don't get angry too much
  • Don’t stay too long at the hair-dressers and sink
  • Don’t cross your legs always
  • Don’t stay too long on the toilet seat
  • Don’t build your muscles to excess
  • Don’t over-do the athletic thing
  • Don’t overload that backpack
  • Don’t ever be handcuffed
  • Don’t hold to tightly to your bicycle handlebars
  • Don’t tighten your belt excessively
  • Don’t use ill-fitting ski boots
  • Don’t fail a hanging attempt

Kumari Naatu Traditional Tamil Medicine offers you complete cure to many diseases. Contact us for more info.

Neurological Treatment in Chennai

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