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About Our Kumari Naatu Traditional Tamil Medicine

There are so many hereditary medicines in the world. But they are all not exisiting today except a few. Among them one is Kumari Nattu traditional medicinal system practiced in around Kanya Kumari district of south India. The peculiar quality of this systems are common medicine, medicine for women medicine for paediatric, medicine for poisonous bites. There are scriptures for all this, but more than hundred of plam scriptures are found in the varma system of medicine. From this there are separate medicinal scriptures for internal and external uses Varma Physiotheraphy, Varma yoga, varma Kalari, Thattu Varmam, Thodu varmam, bone fracture, varma Adavu etc. The development of Varma medicine is really great. In olden days there are lot of palm climbers in Kanyakumari District. These workers face frequent accidents. while climbing the tall tress. Varma asans noted the fractures the wounds symptoms and treated them. These Varma Asans were engaged by kings in olden days as their personal physician to look after all their Medical requirements. Thus this system was developed.

Method of Treatment

  • Varma Medicine
  • Varma Adavu
  • Thottu Varmam
  • Varma Yoga
  • Yoga Therapy

Special Treatment

Old injuries, Coma, Fits, Epilepsy, cervical pain, lumbar pain, joint pain, joint dislocation, Sciatica, Throught Varma medicine system you can get relief from all these ailments.

Treatment for Joint Pain Joint Dislocation Fracture

Treatment based on traditional (Siddha, Varma) System of medicine, Complete Cure For Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteomyelitis, Osteomalacia, Myopathies, RA, ASO, CRP Positive, With Internal Varma Medicines and Varma Techniques

Treatment for Fits Coma Seizures

Treatment based on traditional (Siddha, Varma) system of medicine Coma, Convulsion epilepsy slurred speech Complete cure with internal varma medicines and varma techniques.

Treatment for Neurological Disease

Cerebral Palsy, Brain Haemorrhage, Cerebral Atrophy, Facial Palsy, Myelomalacia, Parkinsonism Complete cure with internal Varma Medicines and varma techniques

Treatment for Cervical, Lumbar Disease

Complete cure for cervical spondylitis, discbulge, disc prolapse, spinal canal stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, kyphosis, ankylosing spondylitis, with internal varma medicines and varma techniques.

Treatment for PCOD and Infertility

Complete cure for pcod, infertility, amenorrhoea, cystitis, oligospermia, with internal varma medicines and varma stimulate

Treatment Based on PCOD

PCOD disease will eventually turns into PCOS when it manifests by increased weight gain (obesity), excessive hair growth, increased male hormone, decreased voice, hair loss (male pattern loss) and diabetes.